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Send and receive text and video messages

Send and receive text and video messages

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Program by: Skype


Works under: Mac

Also available for Windows Android


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Windows Android

As the world has become more and more technological, we have seen many changes in the realm of communication. Perhaps one of the best of these changes is the rise of video conferencing. Video conferencing allows for people anywhere in the world to communicate in real-time, almost as if they were in the room together. One of the leaders in the world of video conferencing currently is and will continue to be Skype. Skype allows for high-quality voice and video calls to be made from anywhere in the world at any time of day. It boasts not only video conferencing software, but also phone calling and instant messaging as well. It is one of the largest leaders in the market at this time.

Skype allows for not just one person, but multiple people to chat and interact in realtime throughout the world. It is available for Mac and Windows computers as long as they are webcam compatible, it also is available for Apple and Android mobile devices, tablets, and even devices such as iPod touch. It is offered in English, Japanese, Greek, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Polish, Catalan, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Finnish, German, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Basque, Spanish, and Portuguese. With that many languages offered, Skype really is the world's telephone company.

While there are many things to love about the Skype software, there are some issues. Skype has a tendency to lag more than many of its competitors. This lagging can make conversation difficult and hard to maintain. Also, while Skype has lead the way for some time now in video conferencing software, the interface feels a bit dated as we move through 2019 and into the future. This can problematic for a number of reasons, but perhaps most common for many users is the lack of professionalism that the software conveys.

Overall, Skype is a good tool for casual video conferencing and calling, but it fails to maintain its clear lead as we move into the future. In order to keep its hold on the top spot against its competitors, Skype will need to rethink the way it presents itself.


  • Well-known and frequently used software
  • Offered in many languages
  • High-quality video reproduction


  • Often lags
  • Lacks the professionalism of some other software
  • Chat feature feels crowded