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Communication app that allows for chat, voice calls, and video calls; Messenger and WhatsApp alternative

Communication app that allows for chat, voice calls, and video calls; Messenger and WhatsApp alternative

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Program license: Free

Program by: Skype


Works under: Windows

Also available for Mac Android


Program license

(14,235 votes)


Program by



Works under:

Also available for


Mac Android

Skype allows users to place audio and video calls to compatible devices in seconds. Users can engage in one-on-one conversations as well as group conferences with ease. Also, the program features text-based chatting from user to user. Microsoft's platform is utilized by millions of people across the globe today. A quick download will give individual users a powerful communication platform accessible on most devices. However, nearly a dozen competing platforms stand as alternatives to Skype.

Video and Audio Calls Have Never Looked or Sounded So Great

First of all, Skype excels at offering high-quality video and audio streams. A strong Internet connection is required to benefit from said quality, though. Users should experience high definition audio and video at all times on a good connection. Alternatives like Discord, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and others don't stack up in the video or audio department. Then again, these same standout features can cause problems elsewhere for users, especially when it comes to resource usage.

Currently, Skype is well-known for hogging a device's resources. A lot of CPU power is required to keep the program running smoothly. Computers and mobile devices are known to bog down when Skype is running with an audio or video call going on. This leads to problems with battery drain on mobile devices and multitasking experience on computers. On top of that, a poor Internet connection can cripple the experience, and then Skype becomes much less impressive in the audio or video department.

An Excellent Interface That Makes Sense

Skype nonetheless gives its users a wonderful user interface. The program is easy to understand on PCs, and starting a conversation couldn't be easier. Luckily, group conversations and one-on-one conversations alike are simple to start. Extra features like screen sharing and plugins make the experience even better for regular users. Skype is quite the versatile program with a large feature set. Premium features require payment but unlock the full potential of this communication platform.

With Caveats, Skype is an incredible communication platform. It's worthwhile for both consumer and business users without being difficult to navigate. Microsoft's platform has lost some luster due to stiff competition from other platforms. Although competing platforms sometimes offer more features than Skype, that fact shouldn't take away from the excellent experience here. Skype is unparalleled in audio and visual quality, so business users especially will love what it brings to the table.

The last thing a potential user should do is ignore Skype. Constant improvements and updates keep the platform viable for communication. Plus, better integration with mobile devices than before is an interesting feature. Skype will have no trouble maintaining its popularity among a dedicated user base.


  • Audio and video quality are top notch with a good connection.
  • Skype is easy to navigate and simple to utilize.
  • Calls to mobile numbers work in a seamless manner.


  • Skype is a resource-heavy program to say the least.
  • A bad connection leads to a low-quality experience.
  • Competing platforms may offer better features for free.